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Jewellery Appraisal's

Appraisal's provide an accurate description of the jewellery being appraised. With a retail replacement value, of the item for insurance purposes.

A jewellery appraiser should have extensive experience and knowledge of gemstones. A professional Graduate Gemologist has the qualifications that are required for an appraisal to be not just based on an opinion, but on an educated and scientific fact.

Unless the appraisal states that a gemstone is "Natural" it is assumed that some form of treatment may have been used for all gemstones as they are commonly treated in the gem industry. Such treatments may not be permanent depending on the specific gemstone.

The appraised value may vary based on the experience of the gemologist and today,s market prices. An appraisal should include a full description of any gemstones, including shape, approximate weight and dimensions. Gemstones should include descriptions of clarity, saturation of color, hue tone. Diamonds should include clarity, cut, color and carat size. Metal chains, bracelets etc. and settings should have precious metal content, detail of design and workmanship.

An appraisal should always contain the following information. The estimated retail replacement value. The date and a description with a photo of the item being appraised.

ALL APPRAISAL'S are done while you wait. If you don't have time to wait please make an appointment and come back when you have more time. Under no conditions are items left to be appraised or sent out to be appraised. No Matter What.......



ESTATE: A Estate appraisal is utilized under a number of different circumstances and hence may represent different market values depending upon the actual dispensation of the estate item(s). The estate appraisal, though is always based on the fair market value which as defined by current dollar, gold and gemstone values is the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller. Neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts. The prices noted in such an appraisal are therefore, estimates of the current fair marked value of the items in their present condition - appraisals do not represent replacement values of similar merchandise.

INSURANCE: A Insurance appraisal is when a client wants to insure their Jewellery and gemstone valuables for loss, theft or damage. The appraisal will reflect the retail cost to replace or reproduce any of the Jewellery and gemstones in the quality, detail and in the craftsmanship of the original item being insured,. The estimates of cost are based on the daily market values of current market rates. Appraised prices that are made based on purchases from fine jewellery stores do not reflect the price at which the appraised item may be purchased from one Jewellery store in particular. Of most extreme importance of an Insurance Appraisal is an accurate and detailed description so that insurance companies insure the Jewellery and Gemstone items not their value - meaning the monetary value being a mathematical figure by which ones premium and "Rider" can be calculated.

COLLATERAL: A Collateral Appraisal is used when an offering of gems or jewellery items are in lieu of cash or traded items for a business transaction that both parties agree upon. A lendor is usually unwilling to potentially wait a lengthy period of time before the item(s) can be sold at a fair retail market price. A collateral appraisal, has to reflect the price the said item(s) can be readily converted into cash in the near future. This limitation of time necessitates the calculations of value based on fair market value prices of daily rates.

ANTIQUE: An Antique jewellery or gemstone item must be 100 years or older and vintage items (pieces of more recent manufacture) cannot be actually or exactly replaced in today's market, calculations of value are based on the estimated costs incurred to replace items in newly manufactured condition would be inappropriate. That being said with the evaluation of jewellery and gemstone estimates of value for "antique" or "vintage" jewellery or gemstone items reflect the average costs incurred to replace the stated items of similar condition, value, design and craftsmanship. Of course the availability of replacing the items in todays market have to be considered.

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